Cabling and Networking


BM Investments Ltd has been providing voice and data cabling services for more than 5 years. Our staff includes certified technicians, as well many vendor certified technicians

BM Investments Ltd provides installations from small offices to large multi-floor buildings, as well as industrial warehouses and large retail environments. Our techs are just as comfortable using a ladder as they are with any type of heavy aerial equipment, like scissor and boom lifts.

Voice and Data Cabling Services

  • Cat 3, Cat 5e, Cat 6 & Cat 6a Cabling
  • 25 Pair, 50 Pair, 100 Pair & 300 Pair Backbone Cabling
  • Structured Cabling Systems Design
  • Data Center Cabling Infrastructure Design
  • Aerial & Underground Installations
  • Harsh Environment Installation
  • High EMI Area Installation
  • Cable Certification & Testing Services
  • Ladder Rack & Wire Basket Tray Installation
  • Over Head & Raised Floor Tray Installations
  • Cable Management Installation
  • Conduit and Raceway Installation
  • MDF/IDF & Server Room Design & Build-outs
  • Demarc Extensions
  • Dark Cable Location
  • Core Drilling & Penetration Services
  • Fire Stop Systems Installation
  • Network Equipment Installation


With proven years of experience designing, implementing, securing & installing Wire/wireless systems, BM Investments Ltd can handle all of your wireless needs. Our services range from single access point installations to campus-wide, controller-based, enterprise Wire/wireless systems. We have experience with proprietary inventory systems, secure multi-level LAN/WLAN access, hotspots, single point WLAN controller based systems, point to point LAN/WLAN systems & multiple wan based wired/wireless systems.

BM Investments Ltd has designed & implemented wireless networks for large and small retail environments, industrial & manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, healthcare facilities, hotels, large & small offices, restaurants and educational facilities. If you are looking for a cost-effective wireless network designed & implemented, we are the company for you.


  • Single AP Installation
  • Multiple AP Installations
  • Campus-Wide Wireless Installations
  • Controller Based Wifi Systems
  • WiFi Site Surveys
  • In-Building WiFi Design & Installation
  • Outdoor WiFi Design & Installation
  • Customer Use Wifi Systems
  • Point-to-Point / Point-to-Multipoint outdoor Wire/wireless distribution system installation
  • Highly secure enterprise LAN/WLAN system installation
  • Wired/Wireless Voice-over-IP (VoIP) installation
  • Warehouse and manufacturing wireless 802.11 network installation
  • Inventory Management LAN Systems