Automation and Control Systems Service and Maintenance


Every Automation Control system we install comes with 12 months of free servicing and maintenance cover, with our expert engineers on hand to carry out repairs as soon as any issues arise.

BM INVESTMENTS LTD, we understand that designing and installing a system is only one step in achieving automation in the machinery. That’s why we offer our clients a comprehensive range of maintenance programs that is tailored to suit your needs. Each of our unique maintenance programs is designed specifically to help minimize your system from deteriorating and instead, maximize its longevity and reliability.

Our team of qualified and experienced professionals will ensure that each maintenance program is carried out meticulously so that you can experience peace of mind knowing that your your system is always up and running effectively. We’ll invest time into discussing the best solution for you following a complete survey to fulfill your request and requirements.

For more information about the security maintenance services provided by BM investments Ltd, get in touch with the team today.

Checks we provide our Maintenance customers

  • Check on-site paperwork
  • Check the location of equipment against specification/drawing
  • Check the descriptions
  • Check operation of, and clean input/output devices
  • Check operation of hold up equipment
  • Check cables and connections for wear and tear
  • Check for sound physical fixing equipment
  • Check operation of power supplies
  • Check operation of control equipment
  • Check operation of signaling equipment
  • Check data lines
  • Conclude

BM Investments’ maintenance services

When you invest in one of our many systems, you want to make sure that you continue to benefit from that investment. Our maintenance packages and flexible repair services are available for all the systems we install, this includes;

  • Industrial Complex System Automation
  • Home Automation

Regardless of the size of your system we can assure you that our experience and skills sets required to provide your system with the continual attention and care it requires.

Our team of experienced service technicians can be booked without any charges within short notice to undergo any urgent breakdown and maintenance service calls. We’re also able to provide you with remote support via telephone and email, in addition to remote programming of your system.